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Primdahl, J. og Kristensen, L. S. (2011): The farmer as a landscape manager: Management roles and change patterns in a Danish region. Geografisk Tidsskrift. Vol. 111., nr. 2, s. 107-116

Primdahl, J. Kristensen, L.S., og Swaffield, S. (2013): Guiding rural landscape change: Current policy approaches and potentials of landscape strategy making as a policy integrating approach. Applied Geography 42, 86-94

Swaffield, S., Primdahl, J. og Hoversten, M. (2013): Discursive Relationships Between Landscape Science, Policy and Management Practice: Concepts, Issues and Examples. I Fu, B. and Jones, K.B. (red.): Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture. Springer, New York, pp. 225-248.

Kristensen, L.S. (2013): Landscape democracy at work – Danish experiences from the action research programme: DIAPLAN. Oplæg i Paris på konferencen: Landscape & Imagination Conference, Uniscape, 2-4/5 2013

Kristensen, L.S. og Primdahl. J. (2013). Collaborative strategic planning and meta-governance – experiences from Denmark. Oplæg i Firenze på konferencen: Rural Resilience and vulnerability: the rural as locus of solidarity and conflicts in times of crisis. XXV ESRS Congress, 29/7-1/8 2013.

Kristensen, L. S. og Primdahl, J. (2011): Rural landscapes – a few trends and current research approaches to local landscape planning. Portugal, Seminar, Mediterranean Ecosystem and Landscapes Group, ICAAM (University of Evora) Februar 11, 2011

Kristensen, L. S. og Primdahl, J. (2011): Whose landscape values?  – including stakeholders owns values in landscape planning and policy,  Ethics in Planning, PhD seminar, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Wien,  Februar 17-18, 2011 

Kristensen, L. S., Primdahl, J. og Vejre, H. (2013): Rural Landscape Strategy Making - between public policy, local agents and the local community
Oplæg i Manchester med fokus på: Why strategy making for rural landscapes? Concepts and approaches. The practises of rural strategy making- lessons learned from DIAPLAN: an action research program on collaborative planning.  

Primdahl, J. (2013): Landscape Democracy – researching the right to landscape and collaborative landscape practices. Internationalt Ph.d. kursus Afholdt på Skovskolen, Nøddebo, 18.-22. november med Primdahl, J. som arrangør.

Vejre, H., Lemkow, N., Primdahl, P og Kristensen, L.S. (  ):
Municipal planning and alignment of the administration - creating the aspiring Geopark Odsherred (Denmark) 

Waldorff, S. B., Kristensen, L. S. og Ebbesen, B. V. (2012): The complexity of Governance: Challenges in public sector innovation processes
Oplæg ved XVI Annual Conference of IRSPM i Rom, 11.-13. April 2012.